Story Time: Stick’s Adventure

On today’s podcast, we took another story from  It’s an inspirational story.  Whatever your dreams are, you can get there!! Right now, enjoy the journey!!

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Zanele Situ Story

Welcome back to another podcast!! We hope you enjoyed today’s podcast. I really enjoyed reading this story to you!! I hope you get a chance to check out her book.  “Zanele Situ: My Story” by Liz Sparg.  I have attached a link to her book online below.

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Story Time – Snowdrop

Welcome back to another episode – podcast #10!  We read a story about springtime coming.  Are you looking forward to springtime?  Did you get active while you  listened to the story? What did you do?  Here is the story we read.

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Podcast #5 – Apple Story Time

Welcome to podcast #5 of Get Ready, Get Set, Go!!  Here is the story we read on the podcast.  Every time the word “Apple” is read you do a different exercise.  In the podcast I said jumping jacks and push-ups, if you would like to try others here are some suggestions:

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Podcast #1 – Introduction

Welcome to Get Ready, Get Set, Go podcast!!  This is our first episode!! We hope what you heard today was both inspiring and enjoyable!!  Let us know what you would like to hear in the future.  We are here to be an active, healthy inspirational podcast for children, especially ages 3-10.  We will have a new episode every Wednesday and Saturday.

Like our story stated, don’t ever stop trying or ever give up.  Keep going, no matter what it seems like or what anyone says.  You have something awesome to offer everyone you come in contact with.

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