Spring Suggestions

Welcome to another podcast!! The first day of spring is almost here!! Are you ready? On today’s podcast we shared 20 ideas on how to get active in spring.  Here are the 20 ideas we came up with.  Can you add any more?

  1. Fly a Kite
  2. Play hopscotch
  3. Take a scavenger hunt nature walk
  4. Start a garden
  5. Play a softball game, basketball game or even driveway hockey with your skates
  6. Learn to ride your bike or go on a bike ride
  7. Help pickup litter (use gloves) or take an after dinner walk with your family
  8. Jump in muddy puddles (wear your boots) or jump rope
  9. Climb a tree (what did you see?)
  10. Play at the playground
  11. Wade in a creek
  12. Play hide-and-go-seek
  13. Pick strawberries
  14. Visit the zoo or conservation area
  15. Go camping (setting up the tent, helping build the fire, looking for firewood)
  16. Go kayaking
  17. Go canoeing
  18. Go miniature golfing
  19. Help with spring cleaning
  20. Help wash the car

How do you get active in the spring?! Share your ideas!!

Love Ya!


Zanele Situ Story

Welcome back to another podcast!! We hope you enjoyed today’s podcast. I really enjoyed reading this story to you!! I hope you get a chance to check out her book.  “Zanele Situ: My Story” by Liz Sparg.  I have attached a link to her book online below.

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